Google G-Suite is free for full SFT members and provides you with your own SFT email address along with a wide range of Google Apps for mailing lists, web forums, document storage, and more.

Welcome to the SFT G-Suite for all current full-time SFT members! There will be a table for enrollment for the new SFT G-Suite on October 24th at the Precepting Pay Day Party with additional opportunities to sign up through the end of November. Your new email address will be the same as your Stockton email, except it will end with

G-Suite FAQ

Why should you use the new union G-Suite?

This is the NEW home for all union communication! After December 1st, all communication for the union will go through your Stockton email or the G-Suite. The G-Suite and your new Google ID and Gmail address will take place of your old “non-Stockton” personal email for union communication.

How will you get union communication through this new tool?

Check your new Gmail account! Individual email addresses will take the following format: You can email the Executive Board at and your message will go to everyone on this committee.

The following are official groups and email addresses for which members will be automatically enrolled:

  1. “SFT Union” Group ( for all official union business. This group will be used by the Executive Board to send messages about actions, local negotiations, and anything else that is union-only business. Please note: if you send an email here, everyone in the union will see.
  2. “Forum for All Union Members” Group (, where everyone will be automatically enrolled. You can send a message to and your message will go to everyone in the union.Items for sale, doctor referrals, and more can be sent to this email.

You can also access all union-wide messages by visiting “Google Groups” and clicking on “My Discussions”.

How else can you use the tool?

  • Photos– In the future, payday party and other event photos will be posted here and you can also upload and share your own photos with the entire union.
  • Drive– In  the future, this is where shared documents will be posted for viewing and/or editing.
  • Forms– Forms should only be used to create a form for union purposes.
  • Hangouts– This has the capability to livestream meetings and this option will be explored in Spring 2018. Until then, committees can start using Hangout to host virtual video meetings.

Additional Guidelines

Please do not use this email to communicate with anyone else at Stockton, primarily students. If you are interested in using a G-Suite for teaching, please go through Stockton IT to request a Google account for Stockton’s G-Suite.

Account Support

Need help with your account?  Lost your password? Email from your SFT Gmail account or your Stockton email.

Photo of G-Suite Hub

If you have not joined the union as a full member please consider joining. The additional cost is remarkably small and the benefits are substantial. If you are uncertain of your status, stop by the union office in H230 or e-mail a question to and we will be happy to help. The office phone # is 609-652-4399, or our membership chairperson is Tara Crowell at 609-626-6835. Here is the link to sign up on-line.