The SFT Union proudly represents Faculty, Librarians, Adjuncts and Professional Staff. With our Union, each of us stands strong and united.

Although, the Local’s constitution allows the executive officers of the union to consult with the Statewide Executive Council which broadly represents the members throughout New Jersey at all campuses, ultimately, all issues involving contracts, finances and structure are decided by our membership at large. Membership, therefore, is extremely important to the quality of the union.

One of the strengths of our local is the broad support we receive from our members.Over 90% of the full time faculty are full union members. We strive to be open and welcoming to all of our members and we encourage everyone to become involved with our union activities.

If you have not joined the union as a full member, you are considered to be an agency member and still pay up to 85% of the costs of membership, but do not have the full benefits of union membership. Please consider joining as a full member of the union. The additional cost is remarkably small and the benefits are substantial. If you are uncertain of your status, stop by the union office in H230 or e-mail a question to and we will be happy to help. The office phone # is 609-652-4399,  or our membership chairperson is Tara Crowell at 609-626-6835.

Here is the link to sign up on-line: Membership Card

AFT Benefits

AFT members who retire are ensured a lifelong membership: About AFT Retirement | American Federation of Teachers

AFT now offers Union SAFE benefits for those members facing financial hardships-please visit

SFT/Aft Plus also provides money saving discounts and services to our members. There is a  Benefits of Belongingbooklet available in the SFT office.

Check the AFT website for the following information:

  • Insurance
  • Credit Card
  • Loan Programs
  • Health Savings
  • Online Bookstore
  • Legal Services
  • Travel
  • and others

No union dues are used to provide these benefits.

If you have a question on any of the AFT PLUS benefits, please send an e-mail to or call 800/238-1133, ext. 8643 No union dues are used to provide these benefits.