The Stockton Federation of Teachers, with its parent organization, the Council of New Jersey State College Locals, is proud to represent the more than 200 adjunct faculty members at Stockton University.

Adjunct salaries had remained very low for years prior to union representation. Since the Council won representation rights, adjuncts pay has increased by about 40% through the length of the current agreement.

The union also won for adjuncts the right to join the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS), or if already in it, the right to extend their benefits in the pension program. Under the current contract, adjuncts have also won the right to buy into the State of New Jersey’s health care system.

We are extremely pleased to have won these and other key benefits for adjunct faculty members and hope to build upon them in the next round of collective bargaining. Please support your union and sign a membership card. All adjuncts automatically under state law have 85% of union dues deducted from their salary. For less than $2 more per pay you can join the union and have full voting rights, as well as access to many additional benefits offered by the American Federation of Teachers national organization.

Lydia Fecteau, Vice President Adjuncts

2011-2015 Adjunct Faculty Salary Table

Date1-15 Semesters16+ Semesters
September-2011$1,200 per credit$1,250 per credit
September-2012$1,200 per credit$1,250 per credit
September-2013$1,225 per credit$1,275 per credit
January- 2014$1,250 per credit$1,300 per credit
September-2014$1,275 per credit$1,325 per credit
January- 2015$1,300 per credit$1,350 per credit