Welcome to the SFT Website!

The Stockton Federation of College Teachers local 2275 was organized in 1972 and has worked continuously to maintain and improve the quality of education and working conditions at the college.



We are a union of professionals dedicated to assisting all faculty and professional staff of the college.  SFT is proud to be part of the Council of New Jersey State College Locals/AFT-AFL-CIO. Council vigorously presents the views of the faculty, librarians, professional staff and adjuncts in policy discussions with the Commission on Higher Education, the Governor’s Office and the legislature on behalf of its members.

The Officers of the Union are your colleagues and friends. I hope that we will continue to maintain our strength and purpose long into the future. The Union office, H230, is open to everyone. Please stop by for a cup of coffee, tea, or conversation anytime.


Office Manager: Sue Burrows
Location: H230
Office Hours vary. Stop by, or call for an appointment.
Phone: 609-652-4399
Fax: 609-652-4960
E-mail: sft@stockton.edu, or susan.burrows@stockton.edu
Address: P.O. Box 785, Pomona, NJ 08240